Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Databank

ADMIN3 (2003-2017)

ADMIN3 (2003-2017) 

Data host

National Health Insurance Fund Administration, Central Administration of National Pension Insurance, National Tax and Customs Administration, National Labour Office, Educational Authority

The objective of the survey

Tracking workers and employers in a period of 15 years

The reference population

Half of the population aged 0+ in 2003

Data suppliers

Registers of OEP, ONYF, NAV, NMH, and OH

Sample size

ca. 5.174.486 people


2003-2017, monthly

Main topics of data

Demographics (age, gender)

Educational attainment (for those with at least one unemployment spell)

Employment status



Transfer receipt

Firm-level data (sector, size and ownership)


Job seeker information

Main characteristics of the survey

The units of observation are payment records (contribution payments and/or transfer receipts) on the 15th day of a given month by a given person. The observed individuals may have several payment records at a given point in time.


Available for researchers of the CERS, their co-authors, and students until February 1, 2022. Unconditionally available after this date.