Databank of Centre for Economic and Regional Studies

Data request

1. Click on ‘Available Databases’ for detailed descriptions of the data available in the Databank. Browse these to find the database relevant to your research.

2. After selecting the database(s), fill in the document Data request form and send it to Please read the access conditions of the selected database carefully.

3. You will receive an Agreement from the Databank, filled in with the data you provided in your request. Please sign it at your earliest convenience (and have it signed by your CERS tutor/coauthor) and return it to

4. After returning the Agreement, please visit the Databank (1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán utca 4. Room B.3.20), where you are handed the access package to the server and/or the database. Please bring a data carrier for the above packages.