Databank of Centre for Economic and Regional Studies

HCSO-CERS Research Room

The first data room in Hungary that operates outside Central Statistical Office (CSO) facilities opened on 1 February 2018 at the headquarters of the CERS. It enables researchers to use comprehensive, linkable data sets containing individual and enterprise-level data and dating back to 1970 under remote control. Data are provided by the CSO, while the software runs on servers owned by the CERS, located in the main building of the CSO. The Data Room is a big step forward, in line with trends of current-day research in social sciences. The system developed jointly by the CSO is not only unmatched in the region but is also at the forefront globally in terms of technical infrastructure, the extent of data available, and access conditions. The Data Room may be used by researchers of research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for social sciences as well as their coauthors and assistants. Research is carried out in a room equipped with 12 terminals, complying with strict security regulations, supported by a surveillance system of fourteen cameras. Surveillance of the Data Room is undertaken jointly by the CSO and the Databank. Results can only be extracted after a paid data protection check carried out by the CSO.