Databank of Centre for Economic and Regional Studies


CSO-CERS Data Room

Under the research agreement concluded by the CERS and the CSO, all CERS researchers have been entitled to using the CSO-CERS Data Room located at the Human Sciences Research Facility since 1 February 2018.

The detailed description for researchers, the claim form, the confidentiality statement, the scope of data available, the list of variables of databases, and demo files are provided for all eligible researchers upon request. Please submit such claims and questions concerning the Data Room to

Submitting a request for using the Data Room

Access to data in the Data Room is subject to a research plan approved by both the CERS and the CSO. A new project may be launched by completing a claim form and submitting it to The claim form may be downloaded from the following link: ( ). Following the approval of Assessment Committee of the CERS, the claim form is sent to the CSO. If the CSO also approves the research plan, identifiers allowing researchers to log in to the terminals in the Data Room are prepared. The identifiers can only be received personally in the central CSO building (1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly u. 5-7.) after signing the confidentiality statement.  A copy of the confidentiality statement is handed over to the Databank, where entry to the Data Room is authorized on the key card of the researcher. The Databank informs researchers about the judgement on the research plan.

Conditions of using the Data Room

A project may be started in the Data Room on condition that the project is led by a researcher of the CERS or the Center for Social Sciences.

Research carried out in the Data Room

Research can be undertaken in room B.3.30 in the Center for Social Sciences (1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 4.) equipped with 12 terminals. Detailed information on the research is provided for researchers in a handout and in an instruction on research results, sent to all researchers eligible to using the Data Room and downloadable after logging in on the website of the Databank.

Opening times of the Data Room

The Data Room is open from 9:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Thursday and from 9:00 to 13:00 on Friday.

Booking a session in the Data Room

Researcher with an approved research project must register the times they intend to use the Data Room on the following link:

Booking is necessary in order to utilize the capacity available efficiently and because of the requirement of prior registration at the CSO. Request to use the Data Room may be submitted until 15:00 on the day preceding the requested date. Please only report actual requests in the calendar.

OC pricing 

In accordance with the agreement concluded with the CSO, the output checking (OC) of research results to be taken out of the Data Room is subject to a fee. There are restrictions on the amount to be used for this purpose: it is allocated to projects proportionate to the time spent in the Data Room. A report on the allocation and use of the OC budget may be downloaded after login.