Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Databank


Household Budget Survey

Data host

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

The objective of the survey

The survey is detecting the monetary and non monetary incomes and expenditures of the population.

The reference population

Hungarian citizens living in private households in Hungary.

Data suppliers

The population of Hungary living in private households, surveyed by questionnaires.

Sample size

7.5-10 thousand households, 20-26 thousand individuals


1993-2012, annually

Main topics of data

The expenditures and revenues of the households


Economic activity and housing conditions

Durable consumer goods

Main characteristics of the survey

The sample is drawn using multi-stage stratified sample design, and it is independent of the size of settlement.

A households is in the sample for 3 years, third of the whole sample is replaced annually.

The weighting method is generalized iterative scaling.