Data host

Public Employment Service 1986-2018, Central Statistical Office, 2019-

The objective of the survey

Data are primarily suitable for the repeated cross-sectional analysis of wage levels and wage dispersion.

The reference population

In the case of the public sector, the survey covers all employees of all budget institutions. The survey covers all firms employing more than 20 workers, and a random sample of businesses employing 20 or less workers. In private firms employing more than 50 workers, the individual data relate to a random sample of the employees. In the case of smaller firms, the data cover all employees. From 2002 onwards, the reference population includes part-time employees.

Data suppliers

All institution of the budget sector, sall economic organizations with legal entities above a certain size, and a random samle of smaller firms. In some years, non-profit organizations are also included.

Sample size

100-200 thousand employees, depending on year-


1986, 1989, 1992-2016, annualy

Main topics of data


Education, Work experience


Size, ownership and sectoral affiliation of the companies

Geographical location, the characteristics of the settlement

Main characteristics of the survey

Data collection is carried out separately at each site/branch of an enterprise

The cases are weighted to ensure representativity.


Available for researchers of the CERS, their co-authors and students